Kendo Kai Den Haag is one of the oldest Kendo clubs in the Netherlands and has been since 1978. At our club you can train Kendo, Iaido and Jodo all three at once for € 20 per month. It's not expensive, so that a lot of people can train these martial arts seriously and with enthousiasm. The three martial arts are all taken very seriously and the atmosphere during the training is disciplined but yet cozy. Honor and respect are therefore of paramount importance. 

On this website you can include read what these three lovely Japanese martial arts (martial arts) mean and what is the history behind it. If you want to know about one of the three martial arts that you can train with us, please email one of our representative. You can also use our contact form.

In Kendo Kai Den Haag you get lessons from high-ranking teachers (from 5th dan and above) and you can caome for a lesson at the first practice of the month (see our trainingschedule). You're very welcome at our dojo. We pay a lot of attention to beginners, because a good foundation is of indispensable value to the development of a correct posture. Therefore we organise regularly beginner's courses (10 lessons including Jo, bokken or shinai).

Interested in beginner's courses? click on one of the disciplines iaido, jodo or kendo

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In the dojo of Ishido sensei, the Japanese teacher who we follow for jodo and iaido at Kendo Kai Den Haag. From left to right Wim den Haan (iaido 6-dan, jodo 5-dan, kendo 2-dan), Ishido Shizufumi (8. Dan Hanshi Iaido, 8. Dan Jodo Kyoshi, 7. Dan Kendo Kyoshi), Yoshimura Kenichi (iaido 8-dan kyoshi, jodo 7-dan kyoshi), Aad van de Wijngaart (iaido 7-dan renshi, jodo 6-dan renshi).