Beginners course Kendo and a Youth Beginners course Kendo!

A new season full of Kendo and other activities is upon us. Each season we try to start with a beginners course Kendo and that is no different this year. What is different though is that this year in addition to our regular course we’ve added a youth beginners course Kendo!
The two courses, a course for youths from 7 – 14 and one for 15 and up. During the course you learn with the other beginners the basic principles of kendo such as body posture, footwork and strokes. You will also learn the terminology and etiquette we use at Kendo and Kendo Kai Den Haag. The beginner's course lasts 10 weeks with an exam in conclusion.
To take a look first, there is also a viewing day for the youth.

The start of the next beginners course has yet to be determined.

We train in the gymnasium of the St. Maartenscollege in Voorburg. The door can be difficult to find, just take a look on our website under times and locations to see where exactly you need to be. The address: Aart van der Leeuwkade 14, 2274 KX Voorburg.

Clothing and costs
Do not worry about your shoes or the colour of your soles, we train on bare feet. All you need is a pair of trousers and a shirt in which you can move freely. The course costs 70 euros for which you also get a shinai and (digital) teaching material.
Register quickly because there are only 10 places available for the youth course! The 15+ course still has enough space. You can register via the form or by sending an email to If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me via e-mail.
If you are not sure if kendo is something for you, then come along to have a look. Please let us know beforehand.

Hopefully until soon!


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