Dear iaidoka,

Each year, Tomo no Kai dojo in cooperation with the NKR, organise a tournament for iaidoka who do not have the 1st-Dan. The whole event is aimed for a fun and experience way with iaido in a competitive form. Afterwards there will be a short training where you can get personal feedback from the referees.

Of course, this is also an excellent preparation for exams. In short: a must for any mudan in iaido!

The tournament is on Sunday, November 30th, in the afternoon. In the morning there is as usual a seminar for (applicant-)referees from 3rd-Dan and higher up, who then learn how to referee and can use this referee practice in your tournament.

More information can be found below in 2 PDF files. (How ever it's originally written in dutch language). Note the deadline for both events are on: November 15th.


Important! Only way to register? Read 1 of the documents below of your interest and e-mail to the given e-mail address

Document 1 Participant
document 2 Referee



Aad van de Wijngaart
TC jodo/iaido NKR