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Monthly Archives: December 2014

National exams

Last Sunday national exams were held during the kendo central training.  The exam was a true massacre but Bennie and Rapheal were well prepared because of the in-house exams that were held the day before and they did a terrific job.    With a nice 100% score for Kendo Kai Den Haag we returned home. Bennie is now Ikkyu and Rapheal Shodan.

Congratulations guys!


In-house grading

Last Saturday, concurrently with the completion of the beginner courses, the in-house exams were held. Practitioners of all disciplines could  take an exam(this was of course free of charge). A lot of mudansha attended and even though the results varied everyone did very well. 

We would like to congratulate all graduates wholeheartedly with obtaining their kyu grade. We hope the feedback can provide you with some goals for your road to ikkyu.

Mudan Tournament Iaido results

Last Sunday was a successful day. The atmosphere was pleasant, the experience you get in participating in these kind of tournament for the participants and judges are tremendous. There were also iaidoka's who came from Belgium and each of them came home with prizes. One of them also had won the first prize in his pool. Two of our members Marcin Boratynski (his first tournament ever) and Baurzhan Murzamadigev (second time) also had a succesful day.

Results own pool tournament and for a single kata battle.
Marcin Boratynski: Pool: 3rd place/ Single kata: 3rd place
Baurzhan Murzamadigev: Pool: 1st place (last year also 1st place) / Single Kata: 3rd place

See you all again at the Ishidocup!

さようなら / sayōnara