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Author: Binh (admin)

Aad van de Wijngaart passed his exam for iaido & Jodo

We can announce you that Aad van de Wijngaart passed his 7th dan renshi exam for Jodo. Beside that we also can congratulate him for his exam in iaido. He is now 7th dan kyoshi. We are proud of our Sensei!

Mudan Tournament Iaido results

Last Sunday was a successful day. The atmosphere was pleasant, the experience you get in participating in these kind of tournament for the participants and judges are tremendous. There were also iaidoka's who came from Belgium and each of them came home with prizes. One of them also had won the first prize in his pool. Two of our members Marcin Boratynski (his first tournament ever) and Baurzhan Murzamadigev (second time) also had a succesful day.

Results own pool tournament and for a single kata battle.
Marcin Boratynski: Pool: 3rd place/ Single kata: 3rd place
Baurzhan Murzamadigev: Pool: 1st place (last year also 1st place) / Single Kata: 3rd place

See you all again at the Ishidocup!

さようなら / sayōnara

Register for iaido-mudan tournament and judgingseminar 2014-10-30

Dear iaidoka,

Each year, Tomo no Kai dojo in cooperation with the NKR, organise a tournament for iaidoka who do not have the 1st-Dan. The whole event is aimed for a fun and experience way with iaido in a competitive form. Afterwards there will be a short training where you can get personal feedback from the referees.

Of course, this is also an excellent preparation for exams. In short: a must for any mudan in iaido!

The tournament is on Sunday, November 30th, in the afternoon. In the morning there is as usual a seminar for (applicant-)referees from 3rd-Dan and higher up, who then learn how to referee and can use this referee practice in your tournament.

More information can be found below in 2 PDF files. (How ever it's originally written in dutch language). Note the deadline for both events are on: November 15th.


Important! Only way to register? Read 1 of the documents below of your interest and e-mail to the given e-mail address

Document 1 Participant
document 2 Referee



Aad van de Wijngaart
TC jodo/iaido NKR

Walk-in day photo’s en video’s 2014-09-13

Dear members and guests,

Last Saturday was a fun and educational day. You can see on the photos and videos that everyone enjoyed it. Thank you all and who knows for the interested we hope to see you in our dojo for the beginner courses or a trial lesson.

Click on one of the links to see the photos and video (a new window will open): Kendo, Jodo, Iaido

Beginnerscourse Kendo Jodo Iaido 2014-09-20

This year we organize at Kendo Kai Den Haag various beginners courses. For all three disciplines that can be done with us starts on September 20th, a 10-week beginners course with an exam in the 11th week. Click on the links for more information on these courses. We hope to see you soon in our dojo.

Beginners course


Walk-in day 2013-09-13

Always wanted to experience how ancient Japanese martial arts (budo) translate into the 21st century? Come to the Walk in day of Kendo Kai Den Haag.
On september the 13th Kendo Kai Den Haag will demonstrate these three budo and will give you the opportunity to immediately experience these budo first hand during various workshops.

More Info

Photo series from 2012 and 2013 and 2014

Dear members and visitors,

There are photo series from 2012, 2013 and 2014 on the website. You might not have seen them.
I also like to see kendo photo's on the website. Photo's where you paticipated on a tournament or event. Send me those via wetransfer.
My e-mail is:

hidden so login to see it.

Here is a list of added photo series: