• What are the additional costs, in addition to the membership fee? I am thinking of purchase or rental of protective clothing and / or sword / stick.
    You can start with a practice weapon (shinai, jo or bokken). These prices vary between €20 and €40. If you like it you can buy the appropriate clothing (hakama and keikogi: Both for around € 70 to € 135). For kendo next step is a bogu (armor). For around €400 you have a good quality bogu that lasts for years. The sensei tells you when you're ready for a bogu, this usually involves some time over it.


  • When starting to participate, what is the required clothing?
    You can work out in the beginning with just a sport shirt and shorts. We train on barefoot, so you do not have to worry about the type of shoes and/or soles.


  • When does a beginner's course start where I can register? Or can I just walk in?
    You can always come and watch and/or join a lesson. Of course, we appreciate it very much if you contact us in advance with one of our contacts. So we know you are coming and we make sure that there is a practice weapon that you can borrow. If you like it you can join. Also, on a regular basis we give beginner's courses. Interested in one of these beginner's course? Click one of the following links: iaidojodo of kendo.


  • I'm over thirty and have heard that it is too late to start on Kendo (or other martial arts). Is that correct?
    That is nonsense. Just come and train! You must learn to adapt to the (im) possibilities of every moment and every stage in your life. In any case, insight and relatively efficient use of your energy will increase when you train longer.


  • Post address information
    Address: Prins Bernhardstraat 11, 2291 ET Wateringen.


  • Bank account information
    Kendo Kai Den Haag, ING 455 15 38
    IBAN: NL60INGB0004551538, BIC: INGBNL2A, Bank name: ING BANK NV


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