Kendo Kai Den Haag was originally founded as Kendo Association. This discipline can and is still practiced at Kendo Kai den Haag. Of the approximately 30 kendo dojo in the Netherlands, where you can practice, Kendo Kai Hague is the oldest and one of the biggest dojo. Kendo, an ancient martial art originated in the samurai tradition of feudal Japan. It resembles it with related iaido budo disciplines and jodo. Essentially, the modern kendo stems from the traditional kenjutsu.




At the first introduction of kendo the protective gear stands out the most. For a moment the opponents grope each other's defense; then follows an attack aimed to disable the opponent with one blow. The fierce battle cry (Kiai) and the loud clapping of the bamboo swords (shinai) on the protective armor (bogu) provide an impressive guidance.

The concept of Kendo has remained unchanged over the past few decades, and so are the traditions that are traditionally present in budo. While it might indicate that a rigid and unchanging Kendo martial art, the idea above is not true. Kendo is still in development, and the same can be said about Kendoka, this is also the concept of Kendo "The discipline human character through the application of the principles of the sword." It requires addition to speed, perfect timing, good technique and great stamina which etiquette still plays a very important role. Indeed, it was then a matter of vital importance in order not to offend other samurai. Each provocation could be answered with a quick breakdown of the sharp sword!

Thus for Kendo is not only physically, but also mentally challenging.

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