March 18 no adult kendo training due to the 'Iijima Cup'.

Kendo Kai Den Haag is the oldest kendo group and one of the oldest Kendo clubs in the Netherlands, established in 1978. In our club we do three different budo, Kendo, Iaido and Jodo. When you become a member of Kendo Kai Den Haag you can do choose to do one or  even all three disciplines together for just € 22,50 monthly membership fee, youth members pay € 11,25. We do are best in keeping our rates low to encourage as many newcomers as possible to join us. These three budo are all taken seriously, although discipline and etiquite play a major role a friendly atmosphere and a feel of commaradie is always present in the dojo. 

With this website we hope to provide you with more information of our dojo and the budo we practice in the hope to improve the understanding of these Japanese martial arts and the history behind them. If you would like to know more about Kendo Kai Den Haag and these martial arts or want to attend a training, you can send an email to one of our representatives, or use this form to contact us.

In Kendo Kai Den Haag you are always welcome to join in on a lesson and learn from high-ranking teachers (from 5th Dan and above). Of course we would like to know if you want to attend a lesson so please e-mail us in advance. We pay a lot of attention to beginners and our primary goal is making sure that they have a good foundation and use its indispensable value to their physical and mental development. Therefore we regularly organize beginner's courses that includes 10 lessons including a the necessary equipment such as Jo, Bokken or Shinai.

Interested in beginner's courses? click on one of the disciplines iaido, jodo or kendo

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At the dojo of Ishido sensei, the Japanse teacher who we follow in iaido and jodo at Kendo Kai Den Haag. From right to left Wim den Haan (iaido 6-dan, jodo 5-dan, kendo 2-dan), Ishido Shizufumi (8. Dan Hanshi Iaido, 8. Dan Jodo Kyoshi, 7. Dan Kendo Kyoshi), Yoshimura Kenichi (iaido 8-dan kyoshi, jodo 7-dan kyoshi), Aad van de Wijngaart (iaido 7-dan kyoshi, jodo 7-dan renshi)